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Turn your free bet into cash?Bookies offer you free bets. We advise you how to extract the most cash from them, without risking your own money.

In order to qualify for free bets, you often have to deposit your own money and place a bet. Our site will show you what to bet on so that you only make a very small loss in order to get your free bets. When you get your free bets, this site will show you how to use them and extract the most value as cash. Here we will put a link to the free bets page.

Finding the best matches
Turn Free Bets into Cash
What should I bet on?Matched Betting - We help you find the best bets to place.

We will find the matches and the outcomes to bet on and the best odds. We will tell you which bookies to back the outcome and which exchange to use to place a lay bet.Our system automatically calculates how much you should stake for your lay bet, depending upon the odds and the size of the back stake at the bookies. Don't just put the free bets on your favorite team.

Finding the best matches
Is it worth it?Are the odds going to provide a good enough return?

We help you decide if it is worth placing a bet. You can look at each matched bet that you place in terms of:

  • How much do you need to stake?

    You can stake large sums but if the bets are matched then only a small amount is at risk. Start small though!

  • How much of that is at risk?

    The principal of matched betting is that you only risk a small amount of money.

  • What profit could you potentially make?

    You can make money from free bets and from both back bet and lay bet paying out. (Such as with a 2up Full Turnaround FTA)

Ideally we would like to risk the smallest amount of money and have the highest profit, without having to tie up too much money in large stakes. We model the whole scenario so you can see all outcomes.

Find 2up matches2up Dutching
What's happening?Easily see at a glance, which matches/bets have a 2up payout or a full turnaround (FTA)

Don't waste your time looking at the timings of the goals in all your fixtures. We work out which matches would have a 2up payout and sort the results with those at the top. We help you monitor your bets during a match and can help find the best odds to cashout (or back again) to secure a guaranteed payout.

Image showing the scores and 2up status of certain matches.
How much money am I making?We help you track the performance of your strategy

Spreadsheets are great, but not for everyone. If you just want to focus on placing bets and actually enjoying the matches, then log your bets in our system we can help you keep track of your profits in relation to any qualifying losses.

Image showing the profits and qualifying losses.

We are working on this ...