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Create an exchange accountAn exchange account is where you will place your lay bets.

Smarkets (like Matchbook and Betfair) is an exchange. You can back an outcome at a bookmakers and then bet against that outcome (place a lay bet) on an exchange. When the odds of both the back bet and lay bet are very similar there are opportunities to make money.

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Create a Smarkets Account

Before you startSome sites require you to provide proof of identification. It is best to have this ready in advance.

  • Take a photo of either your driver's licence or passport.
  • Take a selfie of you holding that photo id.

    Hold up the id so that your photo and details on it are visible.

  • Take a photo of a utility bill to use as proof of address.

  • Consider creating a new email address.

    In order to get free bets you need to opt into marketing emails.

MindsetA few basic rules to follow to make sure that you win and the bookmaker does not. Also make some rules for yourself and stick to them.

  • Always lay off your bets (We will cover this).

    Otherwise you are just gambling, and the bookmaker will take your money

  • Don't put your free bets on your favourite team.

    Use our matching tool and extract the money.

  • Start small - You may make the odd mistake when starting out.

    If you are placing small bets then it won't cost you.

  • Don't get addicted.

    If you don't trust yourself then perhaps it is best to avoid betting sites.